How to Refresh your Salon Vibe and Culture: a Wholistic Approach to Reinvigorating your Space

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to view hairdressing through a different lens – to find out what other salon owners do to make their business prosper? Ah, if only it were that easy…

Well thankfully, Foil Me delivers by providing you with regular interviews from hairstylists and salon owners all over the world. First up? Innovative and transformational salon owner, Zoe Pera of Coco21.

Coco 21 are known for their highly talented and dedicated team who work tirelessly to make their guests’ hair dreams a reality. Founded by Zoe and her husband Adam, this innovative salon prides themselves on their advanced expertise in all areas of hairdressing, from crafting custom extensions to perfecting the latest trend in colour and styling.

With their close-knit, well-trained team, this trailblazing salon is reinventing the hair game as we know it; meticulous in their approach, they are masters of treating and transforming even the most challenging of manes.


"Can you tell us about your experience using Foil Me? How have we impacted your salon's services and guests’ overall experience?"

“The hair and beauty industry is ever changing, there are always new, great things that become available, but, with some things, enhancing a basic product is all you need; Gone are the days of sitting down and cutting up a roll of foil with scissors and a ruler! The pre-cut foils make it easier for us and more efficient for our clients as we are able to complete services faster with the pull-out box design," says Zoe.

As colour specialists, using Foil Me’s foils and accessories such as their brushes and foil boards are a part of our daily lives as hairdressers, the brushes are of the highest quality and makes colour application seamless. We use the Knobel collection brushes, the pink is very on brand for us as our signature coco colour is pink and we love how they add a sense of extra femininity to our colour services, not to mention they look great too!”


"What do you believe sets your salon apart in today's competitive market?"

“There is a LOT of competition in the hair and beauty industry, here at Coco21, our clients having the best possible experience is paramount to us. Having a great quality product is paramount for us to deliver the highest quality services possible for our clientele, with Foil Me, we deliver just that.

The designs always give a new topic of conversation between our clients and our hairdressers, they also love taking selfies to show off the fun, colourful designs as it sets it apart from the classic, silver foil.

Our newest favourite is the Jujup collection, being indigenous and having some indigenous clients, the significance behind this particular design has a lot of meaning and has even made some of them quite emotional! Being able to connect in that way with one of Foil Me artworks is incredible.”


"What advice would you give to salon owners?"

“Never skimp when it comes to quality and always value your time. Yes, it may be cheaper to buy a big roll of foil and sit there and cut it up with scissors and a ruler, but, think about your time, your time is valuable, and you should always weigh up whether taking the 'cheaper' option is worth it. I always believed that quality is reflected in your work so to ensure your hair results are on point, we only use the highest quality hair products and tools to create the best hair transformation possible.

For every client, even if they come every week, we treat them as if it’s their first time being here. Our team is like a family and we think that also reflects in our daily interactions with each other and our clients - when you love the people you work with, there are constant good vibes and we believe it shows through to our clients.

We also believe in making everything to do with the booking process as easy as possible for the client - at the end of the day, we are the hair professionals, clients may not know what the difference is between foils and a tint or that they usually always need a toner when getting lightening services, which is why every colour service on our menu is constructed into a package that includes absolutely everything you need when getting any particular service done, it takes the extra thinking out of it for the client. We also will not lighten anyone’s hair without using a bonder to ensure we are maintaining the best health and integrity of their hair.

From their varied skillset to their shared approach in providing only the best service, it’s no wonder the Coco21 team is making waves in the hairdressing sphere. If you’re on the lookout for a hairdresser who ensures great results while prioritising your hair health, then this innovative salon might be just what you’re after!”

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