Dreaming of an effortlessly elevated colour? 'Expensive brunette' might be just what you're looking for

So, you’re getting tired of your natural colour and wanting to branch out – but you’re not quite ready to commit to anything too crazy. Or maybe, you’ve been blonde for as long as you can remember – and while it’s been fun (…okay, LOTS of fun), you’re growing tired of the damage that constant bleaching has caused. Relatable? If so, now’s the time to free your hair from the shackles of its past and give it a new lease on life.

If you’re on the hunt for a low-maintenance colour that doesn’t compromise on wow factor, we have just the thing for you. One of this year’s most popular hair trends, ‘expensive brunette’ focuses on highlighting your natural beauty by working with your root colour to create an effortlessly elevated look. How exactly is this achieved? With their expert understanding of dimension and depth, colourists are able to concoct a unique blend of subtle highlights and rich undertones to create the perfect colour for you.

From Hailey Bieber to Sophia Richie, the ‘expensive brunette’ trend is making waves in the celebrity stratosphere for its sophisticated, less-is-more energy. While demand for this luxe hair colour has skyrocketed in 2023, this isn’t its first time in the spotlight. Back in 2020, when lockdowns were enforced and hair appointments were few and far between, people started transitioning back to their roots. For the most part, this was more a necessity than a choice; but this time around, stylists have honed their skills and the concept has become highly sought after, particularly for those who favour a low maintenance, affordable style.

Because ‘expensive brunette’ focuses on creating a colour uniquely tailored to your roots and skin tone, it’s bound to look a little different on everyone; but it’s this custom combination of highlights and lowlights that have made it so highly requested. If you’re still not sold, let’s explore some examples of ‘expensive brunettes’ that our Movers have created with the help of our foils


Credit: @bb.hair_ 

We are obsessed with this rich, dark brown with glimmers of dimension. Subtle, yes – but effective? Absolutely! Tying in perfectly with the client’s overall colouring, we just can’t get enough of this cohesive, natural look.


Credit: @theblondeartisan 

Featuring a high level of contrast, these lush tresses are simply divine. With varying shades of light and deep brunette, this colour gives the illusion of depth and visual interest – and we’re utterly obsessed, to say the least.


Credit: @azari.hair by @hair.by.maddie 

Hints of caramel really work to elevate this gorgeous brunette. Super bright and radiant, we just adore this take on the expensive brunette trend. I mean, what’s not to love?


Unlike their fun-loving blonde counterparts, brunettes have historically been typecast as sensible and smart. But can our hair colour really predict how much fun we have? Well, no. But with our perfect colour comes a feeling of unparalleled confidence that surely has some bearing on our happiness. The key to maintaining this feeling for as long as possible? Maintaining your colour, of course.

So, what does ‘expensive brunette’ maintenance look like, exactly?

Thankfully, not a lot. Perhaps the most obvious perk of this colour is that it caters to your natural hair, so regrowth is less of a concern. For you low maintenance girls and guys, this means great hair and less frequent salon visits. We also recommend using a sulphate free shampoo to prevent stripping, keeping heat styling to a minimum (you already KNOW why), and leaving longer between washes to keep your colour fresh.

Low maintenance and uniquely tailored to you, expensive brunette is so much more than just a trend. Whether you’re wanting to transition from blonde to your natural colour or add a touch of dimension to your tresses, this colour might just be the one for you... So, why not give it a try?


Cover image credit: @maisonjacquet.salon by @cass_nyc

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