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Originally posted in MamaMag, April 2023

Having established a stellar reputation in the global hairdressing industry for creating innovative and luxury pre-cut foils. Adelaide parents Emily and Iliano Ciardiello (they have two boys - Raffaele and Orlando) have taken their company Foil Me and channelled their passion for sustainability, and foils, into the creation of 100% recyclable food foil wraps.

Influenced by the desire for a sustainable future, with 'home. by Foil Me' wrapping family lunches is simple and easy; they're a unique and cute alternative to messy cling wrap and annoying zip-lock bags!

"As a 'foil family', we've been using foil at home instead of plastic wrap for years, because it's fully recyclable and so malleable. As foil is just so easy to use, we thought we could  help make life in the kitchen easier for busy people - we should make foil especially for them and make it fun!"

At a time when the world is being called to make conscious choices to reduce its environmental impact, finding alternatives to single-use plastic is imperative. 'home. by Foil Me' provides a practical, eco-friendly alternative that the whole family will love.

Made from a percentage of recycled aluminium, and 100% recyclable, these versatile food foil wraps can also be reused by gently hand washing or wiping after use.

Foremost designed to keep food fresher for longer, these foll wraps feature adorable motifs of native Australian wildlife - the Koala and Southern Nosed Wombat, consciously chosen to raise awareness of our endangered wildlife - along with traditional lunchbox favourites, such as the sandwich and the choc chip muffin.

In keeping with their commitment to combining innovation with a philanthropic ethos and social conscience, Foil Me is passionate about supporting causes that
resonate with their values.

They have chosen to donate 20c from every box sold to Animals Australia, who work to create a safer, more sustainable future for Australian wildlife. With a large aspect of their focus being to make more conscious, sustainable choices, this couldn't be a more fitting union.

"We're really proud of this creation because it not only helps make the lives of busy parents and people easier, but it also assists Animals Australia whom provide animals with protection and safety to ensure their survival and that they live a better life."

Versatile and convenient, 'home. by Foil Me' is available in two sizes - Medium and Large - allowing you the freedom to alternate depending on your needs. Combining function and aesthetic, 'home. by Foil Me' simplifies food preparation and ensures the process is more enjoyable.

Practical, sustainable, and undeniably cute, these food foil wraps not only promise to make lunchtime fun, but also stand to positively impact our planet. Make a change and say goodbye to single-use plastic for good with 'home. by Foil Me.'

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