Terms and Conditions of Trade

Foil Me rarely needs to refer to these conditions as we have incredible Foil Me lovers who are extremely supportive and cooperative. However, for those who are curious and would like to know, please read below:

1. All goods remain the property of Foil Me until full payment is recieved.

2. If Foil Me has sent you an order without payment being recieved, the receiver of goods is to pay the account in full immediately after contact has been made by Foil Me.

3. If goods remain unpaid after the due date as stated on the invoice, Foil Me has the right to charge a late fee of $10.90 every month it is overdue and a charge of $2.60 every week the debt remains unpaid.

4. If payment is not recieved after 3 months overdue and Foil Me has contacted the recipient of Foil Me's goods, collection proceedings will begin in order to recover the debt, late fees and any fees incurred by the collection agency.