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At Foil Me HQ we love to assist you with your enquiries quickly and efficiently, and your feedback is very welcome.

If you’d like to call and speak with any of our team, whether it is Neil, Monique, Kellie, Chelsea, Lucy, Grace, Ili or Emily, just call the number below. Alternatively, you’re welcome to email us.

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 Say hello to Emily and Ili, the owners and creators of Foil Me, which began in early 2014 in Adelaide, South Australia. Ili is a serial entrepreneur where he has started three successful businesses and sold two. His background is in IT and he is our go-to Logistics Boss. Emily, our CEO and Creative Director, was a high school teacher where she taught Italian and English from years 8 to 12. When Ili and herself began Foil Me, she was on child-rearing leave with their second son, Orlando.

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Meet Our Team


CEO and Creative Director

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Hi there, I'm Emily Ciardiello and I'm the Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Foil Me.

If you'd like to know a little more about me, keep reading:

I’m the Co-owner and CEO of Foil Me where I oversee everything, work on the vision of the company, make decisions on the direction of Foil Me and I am the face of the brand. I am also the Creative Director where I oversee the creative side of Foil Me such as the marketing, graphic design and creation of new products. I am also one of the resident artists where I hand draw images for our foils and custom foils.

I’m a Transcendental Meditator (better known as TM) and have been doing this since 2014. It allows me to have a clearer mind to make decisions and create room for creativity. Due to it’s benefits of relieving negative stress, I am also able to see opportunities and juggle being a mother and a business owner of a very busy, always evolving company.

I started Foil Me along with my hubby, Ili, because we wanted to give hairdressers better tools to work with (starting with foils). I knew that hairdressers were using foil that was either too thick or too thin and not designed specifically for the hairdressing industry because my best friend, Amy, was hairdressing at the time and I saw what she was using and how it was slowing her down. So when Ili suggested that we make pre-cut foils for hairdressers, I didn't hesitate in saying yes. I love that I can use my artistic (and, at times), writing skills in our company. I also enjoy mentoring and seeing my staff bloom over time; when they smile and you can genuinely see how happy they are, that’s very rewarding. Most of all, I adore being able to make a difference to people's lives - both in providing easy and high end products to hairdressers, but in also using our influence to help others such as when we raise funds and awareness for various organisations. Every day at Foil Me is different and seeing it evolve and constantly get better is really motivating and inspiring for me.

Yes, two cats - a very vocal, constantly hungry large male Bengal called Leo and a quiet, petite and little Ocicat called Baci.

I have always wanted a pig because they are so intelligent and cute (even when they get really big) and a black panther because they are so sleek, beautiful and a little dangerous, but I would never own one because I don't believe in keeping non domesticated animals in environments that aren't their own/what they are used to.

High Fashion Brands, Shakespeare and Artists of all kinds.

Of all time?!! I don't think I could choose one - it would have to be a cross between The Wire, Outlander and The Simpsons.

Oh same thing as above - I can't choose just one! Grease, Dirty Dancing, Point Break (I'm showing my age now aren't I)? Oh and The Terminator.

Alternative, classical piano and violin, and Hip Hop.

Can't choose one - Ili and Meditation


Co-owner and Logistics Director

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Hi I'm Ili and I'm the co-owner of Foil Me along with my wife Emily.

If you'd like to know more about me please read below. They're short answers so it won't take long!

I like to think of myself as the person behind the scenes who makes sure everyone else has the tools and help to do their job to help Foil Me run smoothly.

I used to cry when I was a kid when I took a bite of pizza and the topping all fell off. Not sure if that’s funny or sad?!

I didn’t choose Foil Me. Foil Me chose me! I love having the ability to make a positive difference to the lives of hairdressers all over the world.

2 cats. I love them both but I love Leo our Bengal more. Shhh, dont tell Baci…she’s the other cat. She looks grumpy but she’s not. I still love her too.

A giant cat. I just like big cats.

People that do things out of the ordinary.

Too hard to say just one. Sopranos. Breaking Bad. The Wire. Not necessarily in that order.

Once again, too hard to say just one. Aliens. The Usual Suspects. Happy Gilmore. Once again, not necessarily in that order.

Bit of everything really. Except death metal. I hate death metal.

Emily. Fast cars. That’s 2 things I know.


Managing Director

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Most people probably have an idea of the role of an MD but for me it’s all about facilitating growth; growing the talent of our team, growing the love from our customers, growing the reach of our products and growing our financial security.

I won 4 international rugby caps for Kenya, playing the qualifying rounds of the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Foil Me is an inspirational story. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a successful start-up looking to expand around the world.

Two dogs (Nancy the Collie and Zarli the Kelpie), a cat called Narla and a bunch of fish.

I’m happy with what I’ve got!

People - their talents, their inspirations and their successes.

Life on Earth.

2001 - A Space Odyssey

It’s pretty eclectic but if push comes to shove it’d have to be rocky, indie, poppy, punky, alty sort of stuff



Marketing Leader

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Hi there, I'm Lucy, the Leader at Foil Me.If you’d like to know me a little better, keep reading:

I am in charge of developing and executing long term marketing and communication strategies for Foil Me and overseeing all day-to-day brand and marketing communications operations.

Because of my last name (Green) I used to get teased at school that I was made of green cordial and I would be horrified and cry….I haven’t been able to look at a bottle of green cordial the same way since.

I really resonated with how Emily and Ili run their business. I appreciate the honesty and care they bring to Foil Me and how they want to help the world. I love the creativity of my role and how I have the opportunity to contribute to many different projects.

Yes I have two cats - a big chunky boy called Frank and a sweet little girl called Scout.

If this were in a dream reality and we could put the ethics of owning wild animals aside, my dream animal would be a giraffe. In reality, I would love an English Sheepdog one day.

I love connecting with people and hearing their stories – in real life or via podcasts. Hearing people’s creative processes and journeys really inspire me and trigger creative pings in my brain.

Gilmore Girls as it nostalgically reminds me of watching it with my Mum when I was growing up.

Another wave of nostalgia for me - The original Star Wars series because I would watch it (many times) with my Dad.

RnB + Hip Hop

Coffee, oh and my husband!


Graphic Designer

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Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am the Graphic Design Genie. Want to get to know me a little better? Keep reading:

I’m Foil Me’s Graphic Designer. I work closely with Emily (Foil Me’s co-owner and creative director) to help bring all of her incredible design and foil ideas to life!

I was in high school when Game of Thrones was at its peak popularity and because my surname is Winter my classmates would say “Winter is coming” whenever I entered a room. Let’s just say that joke got old reeeeally quickly!

I absolutely love Emily and Ili’s approach to business and how much dedication they have to making Foil Me the best it can be! I love how my role is creative yet it still challenges me to improve my skills and knowledge. Also the Foil Me team is amazing and it’s a pleasure to be a part of it.

I have an adorable Havanese puppy called Nina. She’s a tiny little ball of energy who just wants to love absolutely everyone! She honestly melts my heart.

I would LOVE to have a quokka! They are just the happiest little animals on earth. I would also love a wombat because I also find them absolutely adorable.

I take a lot of inspiration from architecture. I love to see contemporary design with strong influence from mid-century and art deco design elements. I am also heavily inspired by Alexander McQueen; both the fashion house and the man himself.

It has be Law and Order: SVU. I own all 21 seasons on DVD! However Breaking Bad has to be a very close second. I wish I could go back in time and relive watching it for the first time again!

It’s definitely a toss-up between The Blues Brothers and The Incredibles.

My favourite genres are house, techno, alternative rock, indie and disco however I will honestly listen to anything except country music!

Two things; coffee and my PC.


Marketing Assistant and Content Creator

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At Foil Me, I assist our Marketing Leader, Lucy with marketing activities and content creation. As the in-house photographer, I am often taking photos of our products for social media as well as documenting all of our team days and team photoshoots! I also get to engage with our Foil Me movers on instagram. I love commenting on and liking all of the beautiful hair creations.

After following Foil Me on social media for a while, I was drawn to them as a brand because of their involvement with the community and strong aesthetic. When the opportunity to join the team arose, I couldn't say no! I enjoy showing love to the Foil Me community on socials by commenting and engaging with their beautiful hair creations.

Currently, I don't have any pets but I am a very hands-on dog aunty to my brother’s Blue Heeler, Koda. He’s a handful but in the best way. Full of love and energy… and snacks. Lots of snacks.

I have always loved the thought of having a little chameleon sidekick like Rapunzel from Tangled... Or a really nice friendly black bear. They just look so cuddly.

Coming from a photography background, I grew up always looking for things I could capture and found inspiration from nature. From delicate flowers growing in my garden to the spectacular waterfalls in Switzerland, I am fascinated by the beauty, power and grace (no pun intended) of the world around us.

Hmmm, this is tricky! All depending on my mood at the time, a couple of favourites would be Suits, Witcher and New Girl.

I am a sucker for a good Disney Classic but a movie that I can quote word for word and not get sick of is She’s the Man. Never fails to crack me up.

I am known within my friendship group for having a very diverse taste in music and will sing along to pretty much anything that is playing. But I do have a soft spot for house, disco inspired techno and 80’s rock. Oh, and Disney songs!

My family, my camera and… chocolate. I mean, I'd probably live, but it wouldn't be very fun would it?


Administration and Customer Support

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I usually describe it as a ‘big girl job’. I’m the baby of the team and this is my first look into a full-time job! I connect with Foil Me Movers through phone calls, emails and our social media. I always say that I absolutely love it too!

I love the idea of a small, close-knit community to work in, rather than a large corporation. I’ve had my fair share of being treated like a number in previous employment, so working with this lovely team has shown me what it is like to be appreciated by employers. I absolutely love that I’m learning new things every single day, which is helping me grow as a person. Working with Foil Me has also shown me how much I know and love about customer service and ensuring that every Mover has an enjoyable experience.

Yes, I have a cute little miniature/toy poodle named Jasper! He’s about 14, has one eye and many health issues, but still behaves like a puppy. I’m also an aunty for my sisters 2 dogs, Rocky and George, also poodles. They love to sprint around at full speed, showing their toys, but also love to have a cuddle on the couch.

I would have to say a meerkat. They’re so little and I’ve always dreamed of having one.

I am inspired by people who despite something holding them back, like a disability or a brain disease, they still manage to absolutely power through. Watching someone who’s brain is falling apart on the inside still manage to feed themselves and go for out for an assisted walk inspires me to push myself further every day.

Either Stranger Things or Rick and Morty; only 2 shows I’ve ever watched the whole way through and not been bored out of my brain. Can’t go past Supernatural, Teen Wolf or Pretty Little Liars though, that was a good era for television.

Always been a Harry Potter fan… to the extent of seeing the stage show in Melbourne and visiting where it was filmed in the UK. My favourite movie in the series must be Order of the Phoenix; they spend so much time in actual classes that I love it!

Anything that mildly resembles music. I will vibe with absolutely anything that plays anywhere, however, if you ask my Spotify, it would be indie rock with a bit of pop.

My phone. Whether it be talking with my friends or aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, that thing is practically glued to me.


Administration Support

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Hi! My name is Phia, I am one of the admin support at Foil Me. If you’d like to know me a little better, keep reading:

I have been a part of the Foil Me family for more than 3 years now, but I can still remember the 1st time I spoke to Emily and Ili wishing that my skills are enough to be part of their team. I've been working remotely since day 1, and the thing that I love most about my Foil Me family is that I can feel their warmth and support even when I am a hundred miles away. The same goes to all our lovely Foil Me lovers, everyone is very passionate in making sure that all our Foil Me lovers are treated like a family. After work I spend most of my time with my daughter, helping her with studies, painting and playing video games. We also love to go on a drive to the beach whenever we can. A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.

My work day starts with checking and processing new online orders. During the day I am in charge of a few sales and stocks reports and then I end my day by sending tracking numbers to our customers.

I used to work at night and one time I was called to a meeting. All of a sudden I heard someone snoring and it was getting louder and louder and then I felt a nudge. I suddenly jump off my chair, and as it turns out I'm the one who's sleeping. It was so embarrassing. Good thing only a few people heard me.

The best thing about working with Foil Me are the people that I work with everyday. I always have their support and guidance on all the tasks. They always make me feel appreciated. What I love about my role is the fact that I know the task that I will tackle every single day. All my tasks has a system, and I never feel lost.

We have a pet parakeet and his name is Coco. He's hand trained so he can fly freely around the house. He's a delight!

If I can have a unicorn as a pet then my daughter would be the happiest kid in the world. Also, she can ride the unicorn to go travel the world and have the most wonderful adventures.

I am inspired by my daughter, she's a constant reminder of how to live a simple and happy life.

My favourite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, it never gets old! I still re-watch it when I'm feeling down.

50 First Dates, it's very romantic in a goofy way.

Pop and Soul. I am also still stuck in 90's music.

My family, they mean everything.