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At Foil Me HQ we love to assist you with your enquiries quickly and efficiently, and hear any feedback you may have for us!
If you’d like to call and speak with either Monique, Chelsea or Emily, just call the number below. Alternatively, you’re welcome to email us. You are also welcome to visit Instagram and Facebook, where you can private message Emily, Monique or Chelsea!
Ili (co-founder and logistics) is also happy to help with any shipping/logistical questions you may have!
Sweet regards, happy foiling, and have a creative day!
Emily & the Foil Me team!



Say hello to Emily and Ili, the owners and creators of Foil Me, which began in early 2014.

Ili is a serial entrepreneur where he has started three successful businesses and sold two. His background is in IT and he is our go-to Logistics Boss!

Emily's background is actually a high school teacher where she taught Italian and English from years 8 to 12. When Ili and herself began Foil Me, she was on child-rearing leave with their second son.

Emily and Ili saw a need for pre-cut foil that would make hairdressers’ lives easier! It was Ili’s idea to start the business after he saw foil in Emily's hair at the hairdressers. She had always loved the hair and beauty industry and her good friend, Amy, was also a hairdresser. Emily saw how hard she worked and how laborious it is to be a hairdresser so they decided to bring the idea of pre-cut foil to fruition! They “interviewed” hairdressers around their local area as well as Amy about what they were currently using and what would be their ideal foil and based off of this, they created the aptly named (and in hindsight, tremendously clever) very first foil – the Original. Emily went to approximately 8 salons twice a week here in Adelaide, leaving samples with them and returning in a few weeks to hear any feedback and the resounding answer was ‘I love them!’ Foil Me progressed nicely for the first 8 months here in SA, but it wasn’t until Emily started an Instagram account @foilmefoils that it really took off and continues to grow every month! Foil Me is now stocked in five countries across the world with two more currently being discussed with stockists.




Hi Foil Me lover! My name is Emily Ciardiello and I’m the co-founder and creative director of Foil Me.

I have two feisty boys who are 8 (Orlando) and 11 (Raffaele) who keep us on our toes - there is never a dull moment with those two around!! We also have two cats (Baci and Leo) who are total opposites of each other – Baci is a silver with chocolate spots Ocicat and she is quiet, placid, affectionate and comes to you when you call her; Leo is a Bengal who is quite vocal, a little neurotic, rarely cuddles up to us unless he wants something and walks in the opposite direction of you when you call him!

I love Asian food with Thai and Vietnamese cuisine being at the top of the list! 

I am a transcendental meditator and have been for about six years and it’s definitely been my saving grace with the extremely busy and chaotic work schedule I have! It has also helped me cope with the death of my father in April 2015 who died of cancer. I love how we can use our influence to help others in the community, so in 2017, we teamed up with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and for the past three years we have helped raise over $50,000 through our huge event ‘Pink October’ where you can find more information here.

A saying that I created and that helps me when tough decisions have to be made/to stay grounded is ‘Don’t lose your kind during your grind.’ I absolutely love our Foil Me lovers, our team and how creative we can be with our business! See you on Insta, in person or on Facebook!! Xx



Hey all, I’m Iliano (but you can call me Ili or Illy like the coffee if that’s easier!) and I’m the co-owner of Foil Me (along with my wife, Emily) and Logistics Boss. It’s my job in Foil Me to make sure that Emily and our team can do their job so I help with the logistics, growing the business in other countries and Australia and ensure our foils (and brushes) arrive safely to our customers. I’m also the IT guy configuring our websites and making office laptops and devices run smoothly. When I’m not helping Foil Me achieve world domination, I’m doing most of the school pickups for our two high energy boys and cooking while Emily works tirelessly for Foil Me. In my spare time I like kicking back and watching a B Grade action movie with a nice glass of whiskey or playing a PC game. I’m also a Transcendental meditator which has been a real life changer for me! Cheers!


       Hello! My name is Monique and I am the Head of GSD (getting stuff done!) for Foil Me! I am a (not-so fiery) redhead who has a great love for my family, getting out in nature, and exercise (both for fun and fitness)! I have been apart of the Foil Me family for almost 5 years now, and I could talk your ear off about why I love Foil Me both as a brand and as a career! The passion and pure intention to help make other’s lives' easier is why I love what we do, PLUS it's an absolute pleasure to talk to you, our incredible Foil Me lovers, every day! Outside of Foil Me, I am an avid believer in creating your own happiness - which is why I practice Transcendental Meditation, spend quality time with loved ones, exercise, get out in nature (especially the beach!), and use music in particular as a creative outlet, along with attending musical gigs when I can! Some words I live by are: ‘Work towards progress, not perfection’ - Unknown. This quote reminds me to enjoy every part of the journey and that there is always room to grow and new things to learn!
    It was lovely to e-meet you - I hope we speak with you soon! Thank you for supporting Foil Me and I hope you have a wonderful day/evening ahead of you.

    Sweet regards, Monique xx

    Hello! My name is Chelsea and I am the graphic design genie here at Foil Me!

    In 2017 I graduated from my Bachelor of Media degree and knew straight away that I wanted to work as a graphic designer. I love art, photography and just about anything that lets me be creative. And that’s part of the reason why I love working at Foil Me! I love how innovative and forward-thinking Foil Me is and I am so grateful to play an important role in bringing those ideas to life! 

    Outside of Foil Me, I love to go camping, hiking and just hang out with friends at the local pub. I am also a massive computer nerd and an avid gamer- I’m always looking for something new to play and add to my collection! I also love to travel! My two favourite countries I have been to are Japan and the Philippines. I am always thinking about where I should go next!

    Have a creative day!
    Chelsea x

    Hi! My name is Phia, I am one of the admin support at Foil Me. I have been a part of the Foil Me family for more than 3 years now, but I can still remember the 1st time I spoke to Emily and Ili wishing that my skills are enough to be part of their team. I've been working remotely since day 1, and the thing that I love most about my Foil Me family is that I can feel their warmth and support even when I am a hundred miles away. The same goes to all our lovely Foil Me lovers, everyone is very passionate in making sure that all our Foil Me lovers are treated like a family.

    After work I spend most of my time with my daughter, helping her with studies, painting and playing video games. We also love to go on a drive to the beach whenever we can.

    A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.

    Sweet Regards
    Phia x

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