Redken x Foil Me

We have recieved incredible support so far of the Redken x Foil Me collaboration! As this collection is an exclusive and unique addition to the Foil Me range, we are sharing our most FAQ with you!

Will the Redken do the same amount of lightening with normal bleach or do you only recommend the Redken Flash Lift Bonder?

We designed a foil for Redken’s latest product, the Redken FLB. This engineered design uses specific microns and alloy, especially for their lightening product, however, other lighteners can be used – please let us know how you go.

What sizes are these available in?

This dreamy collection, The Redken, is available in our signature Original (12.5 x 27cm) and Wide size (15cm x 27cm); its exclusive matte black design will enhance your creations and provide an additional exclusive experience for your guests!

What else is distinctly unique about the Redken?

Silent, Sleek & Sexy!

What do we mean by this? Due to the special one-of-a-kind matte coating and mechanically designed consistency (microns and alloy), you and your guest will notice how quiet the foil is during use. And let’s face it – not only is the packaging sexy and sleek, but so too is the matte black coating; a first of its kind in the world!!!

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Thank you for all your fabulous feedback and tags on social media - your elegant black foil creations look incredible on the gram!

Please DM us at @foilmefoils or email at if you have any further queries!


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